Executive / Faculty / Staff Members

The AUI faculty’s first passion is helping students learn. The team is a vibrant community of faculty and scholars, from prestigious educational institutions throughout the world.

Pradeep Alexander

Rahul Nath P
Deputy Chairman

Beulah Vandhana
Chairman Rep, Trustee & Corporate Trainer

Dr. Suresh Arckatty

Dr. M. Ramanan,
Business Graduate, IIM Kolkata

Mark Antrobus
Faculty & Advisor

Dr. Clarence Maloney

Dr. Manoj Stephen,
,Visiting Faculty, Missouri,USA.

Sathya Devarajan
International Director

Richard Sargeant
International Trainer, UK

Deepika Ruban
Visiting Faculty

K. Arun Kumar
Assistant Professor

Vignesh M
Assistant Professor

Sherin. J
Head Admissions (Domestic)

Gladwin Abel. A
Student Activity Coordinator

Bhagyalakshmi .N
Admission Counsellor

Firthouse S
Regional Admissions Officer

Manoj Manayathody
Regional Admission Office