AUI has distinguished itself by becoming one of India's most prominent eco-friendly Educational institutions.

A Rain water harvesting unit is in place, and rain water is collected in a tank , and used for domestic purposes.

Water from showers are re-used to irrigate the garden. Energy saving light bulbs and recycled products are by and large used in the campus.

AUI also plans to use renewable sources of energy like that of solar water heaters, and other non – conventional energy equipments so that it scales down the level of global warming as it truly paves the path towards eco tourism.

A “Green Team” will supervise the Tree – Planting program.

Kodai is known for it’s flora and founa, and students play a role in saving the vanishing species.

An Environment Management program will be offered in the future.

The name conjures images of dense slopes, scenic hinterland, cascading water falls, luscious green plains and valleys. Wooden hills and pleasant climate.

Kodai climate is very pleasant with maximum summer temperatures reaching 20°Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) & the minimum in winter touching 8 °Celsius (46° Fahrenheit). Kodaikanal is popularly known as Switzerland of the East.

Its name in the Tamil language means "The Gift of the Forest". Kodaikanal is referred to as the "Princess of Hill stations" and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination.

Meadows and grasslands cover the hillsides. Gigantic Eucalyptus trees and shola forests flourish in the valleys. Mighty rocks and cascading streams. rise up from the valleys. There are many high waterfalls and ubiquitous gardens and flower beds in bloom.

Kodaikanal is known for its rich flora and fauna. Popular trees such as cypress, eucalyptus and acacia are the dominant varieties. Pear trees are numerous and the fruits are of high quality. Competing with the fruit trees are the flowering ones - mainly rhododendron and magnolia. Large dahlias of different hues are the main attraction of Bryant Park, situated close to the Kodai lake. Water lilies in the park's pond are another pleasing sight.

Kodaikanal is a renowned Educational hub and has world class residential schools such as Kodaikanal International School and other educational institutions.