Student counselling and career placement center is available for all students.

THE CAREER PLACEMENT CENTER proactively leverages the key strengths, performs competency profiling, and supports the student in securing a career. It imparts Assessment, Resume writing skills, Interview skills, and Soft skills.

The Center provides students with an opportunity to find career opportunities in the best corporate organizations in challenging roles, with attractive remuneration in worldwide locations.

Student Affairs Department contributes to academic and personal success of the student thereby encouraging independent social responsibility, and promoting the welfare of all students. It helps connect students to the university and to their future, by building bridges that foster beyond graduation.

It provides extra- and co-curricular programs and services for students that are designed to enhance the academic life and encourages social growth and maturity.

Education is enhanced, both inside and outside of the classroom, through quality support services, and programs that advance student learning, training, and placement.

The Department of Student Affairs establishes programs and activities that contribute to personality development, individual self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discovery, and social awareness. It also creates programs and activities for educating and enhancing the development of communication, teamwork, decision making, leadership and management skills, and competencies resulting in a positive and proactive attitude in the student.

Students will learn from the best faculty and excellent resources from India and USA and will experience the best of both countries. USA – A land of opportunities where students can pursue their dreams. INDIA – A land of rich culture, ancient heritage, diverse demographics, long history and unique geography.

International students / NRI Students will be allocated mentors upon joining AUI. An Orientation program will be conducted. Students from the Middle East will be provided with Arabic support.